The Secret Weapon
for a Better Workplace

The EventBoard platform helps you optimize your most valuable resources — your people, places and technology.

The Secret Weapon
for a Better Workplace

The EventBoard platform helps you optimize your most valuable resources — your people, places and technology.

In many cases, meeting face-to-face is still the best way to get things done. But it doesn’t make sense to have someone in your company manually handling the details of meeting room management. EventBoard’s conference room scheduling and booking software makes meeting easy, including the option to search by room resources, and offers visitor management so guests can conveniently check in on their way to meetings.

EventBoard Apple and Android Meeting Tools
Workplace Analytics & Activity-Driven Insights

Dig deep into your company’s meeting and space use behaviors. Get real-time data and specific recommendations for how to improve meeting efficiency and get the most out of the available space, across your entire organization.

  • Book meeting rooms right from iPad or Android tablet displays with our intuitive interface
  • Works with Google Apps, Exchange, Office 365/Outlook calendars to make conference room scheduling easy

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Reduce Conference Room Conflict

It’s happened to all of us: You show up at the conference room you’re planning to use for an important meeting – but it’s occupied by someone else. Or maybe most of your company meetings start 10 minutes late. It adds up to a lot of wasted productivity that could be fixed by rolling out a shared meeting management and conference room booking solution.

Cut Meeting Scheduling Time in Half

Why is it so hard to schedule a meeting at a mutually convenient time? Or book a conference room with the right number of chairs and the tech needed for presentations? Well, it’s a whole lot easier with our mobile conference room booking tools. Search for and book meeting rooms based on availability, number of meeting attendees and in-room resources.

Do More of What Works

Roughly a third of meetings are considered unproductive by the people who attend them. Don’t let that happen to your organization. By reviewing feedback on what’s working for your company’s meetings and what isn’t – whether it’s hard-to-use technology or meeting organizers who cancel at the last minute – you’ll know what’s going on. Then you can tackle it head on.

Make a Powerful First Impression

Put yourself in the shoes of first-time visitors to your office. What’s their impression of your lobby? A visitor registration system that runs on a sleek iPad and elegant mount implies a well-run, tech-forward business. Plus, it makes guest check-in easier for your administrative staff, prompting visitors to print their own guest badges and sign any NDAs or waivers.

Manage Devices Easily and Efficiently

Digital displays that can only be controlled from the device itself are a hassle. You have to go through the whole floor or building and adjust each device individually. Our conference room displays are managed from a web-based dashboard, so you can adjust the settings of a device across the country as easily as you can adjust the one across the hall. Go with a centralized solution and stop making meeting room management harder than it has to be.

Make the Most of Workspace

If you can’t review comprehensive analytics before making important facilities decisions, then you’re basically just guessing. You might turn out to be right later on – but maybe not. Whether it’s deciding to expand workspace or purchase new conference room technology, having access to insights and recommendations based on your company’s own specific meeting data can take the guesswork out of optimizing your organization’s workspace.

Find and Book Meeting Rooms and Resources from Any Device

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